Episode 1 | The Beginning

The very first episode of Playing House Podcast! Learn about the hosts, Paige Robertson and Caitlin McKeague as they discuss themselves, their businesses and what to expect from Playing House Podcast. 

Episode 2 | Stress Relief and Meditation

 Whether you're an entrepreneur, or climbing the corporate ladder, we all deal with stress. How do you manage it? Paige and Caitlin discuss their methods for stress relief and their experience with meditation as they continue their adventure through entrepreneurship.  

Episode 3 | Love Languages

Paige and Caitlin discuss the 5 Love Languages - what is yours? 

Episode 4 | Craigslist "Missed Connections"

 Ever wonder if there are any success stories from the Missed Connections section on Craigslist? This episode looks into Missed Connections and finds the success, failures, and down right crash and burns. We really enjoyed recording this episode and hope you find it as entertaining as we did! 

Episode 5 | Our Trivial Pursuit

 Have you ever felt like you knew a lot of random facts? Are you a fan of Jeopardy? Do you like the board game Trivial Pursuit? If you answered yes, to any of those questions then this is the podcast for you! If you said no, then have a listen, you will fit right in with us! Listen along as we quiz each other on random facts and learn a LOT of new things! 

Episode 6 | For The Dogs

 Paige and Caitlin are Dog Moms and Business Owners. Dogs are a big part of their lives and if the same is true for you, this podcast will be helpful for finding good spots to take your fur baby and advice on many thing pertaining to your little loves. 

Episode 7 | This Entrepreneur Life

 Paige and Caitlin talk about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and dig in to the good bad and ugly. If you've considered dipping your toe in the entrepreneurial pool, this episode is for you!  

Episode 8 | This Entrepreneur Life Part 2

 Part 2 of the Entrepreneur Series features Playing House's FIRST GUEST - Yohanna Wendt of Yohanna Wendt Photography and Natural Sister Power.

Yohannawendtphotography.com and instagram.com/natural_sister_power

She is a busy and compassionate mother of 6. How does she keep grounded and focused?

Listen to find out! 

Episode 9 | This Entrepreneur Life Part 3

 Jennifer Dew is the guest on part 3 of the Entrepreneurship series and discusses her life as a Hairstylist and Consultant in Phoenix. Along with a few tangents and laughs, the ladies discuss their challenges, successes and journeys as "solopreneurs".

Find more about Jenn at: http://hair-dew.com 

Episode 10 | This Entrepreneur Life, Season Finale

 The Season Finale! Caitlin and Paige wrap up the Entrepreneur Life series and the entire season with some truths and hacks. Of course some laughs, but always real. 

season 2

Episode 1 | And We're Back

Took a month off, tried some news things in our business and are back ready to give you MORE!

More interviews, more information, and more laughs!

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 Hear what's happening with Front Paige Events and Phoenix Living with Caitlin McKeague.

Interested in Self Defense? Want to learn how to prepare yourself for anything? This episode talks about some of the real life instances where you would need the support.

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Episode 3 | Ask the Expert: Wedding History, Tradition and Etiquette Part 1

 Paige dishes all on the current state of the wedding industry, history, traditions and etiquitte. Caitlin asks "the expert" about advice for brides, traditions we should leave in the past, and the proper way to manage your wedding as a bride. This is part one of two! 

Episode 4 | Ask the Expert: Dos and Donts of Buying and Selling Real Estate

 Where do you start when you want to buy a house? What if you want to sell your house? In this episode, Caitlin dishes about the do's and don'ts of buying and selling real estate.  

Episode 5 | Ask The Expert: Wedding Etiquitte Part 2

 There's enough to think about when it comes to planning your wedding...add the etiquitte on top of that and you're left feeling overwhelmed! Don't worry, Paige walks us through etiquitte in this episode and answers all of Caitlin's burning questions.  

Episode 6 | Let's Talk Phoenix Golf with Rory McKeague

 Paige and Caitlin are entertained by their guest, and golf snob, Rory McKeague discussing Phoenix golf, Phoenix Real Estate and wedding planning. If you are ready for a laugh, you'll want to listen!